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Bible Lessons | Beginner

The Beginner class is a two year curriculum designed for children ages 4 and 5. This is the first exposure to Sunday school for our children, and they typically begin in September of the year they turn four. Core faith topics such as prayer, offering, fruit of the spirit, thankfulness, and forgiveness are taught at this level. Children also will begin to acquire basic Bible skills as they learn to navigate their way through and find various verses and stories that pertain to their lessons. In addition, many familiar Bible stories are explored, including Noah, Moses, Jonah, and the creation, as well as the stories of Jesus’ birth and the events of Passion Week (Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter). The class lessons are structured so as to encourage children to learn about their faith and how to live it each day of their lives through fun and interactive age-appropriate activities that they love.


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PLEASE NOTE: The Sunday School Curriculum is a work in progress, and may be adjusted by our NAC-USA Children’s Work Group according to the current needs of our children or due to the normal fluctuation in the yearly calendar.





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