New Apostolic Church USA

Youth THRIVE small group curriculum

The primary teaching element of the youth group is structured as small group discussions. The new curriculum, starting Fall 2017, is categorized into six semesters using the THRIVE membership expectations, introduced at the beginning of 2016. There are twelve discussions each semester. The Youth THRIVE curriculum combines the previous "I also want to" Confirmation material, youth discussion materials, as well some new resources to create a new structured and consistent learning experience. These youth small groups are designed to occur weekly, but the exact frequency may need to be customized based on the local needs. When these youth small groups take place is also flexible to the local area, whether it be as a Wednesday midweek experience, a Friday evening, or a Sunday afternoon.

Students will need a 3 ring view binder that they can put their student sheets in for each discussion.

The cover for the student binders can be downloaded here.

The student sheets for the "Transform your nature using Jesus as your example" semester can be downloaded here.

The student sheets for the "Help spread the gospel" semester can be downloaded here.

The student sheets for the "Respond to the call to serve" semester can be downloaded here

The student sheets for the "Invest in your spiritual health" semester can be  downloaded here.


The facilitator guides for the discussion are available on the NAC-USA Development Institute website. 

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