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The scope and reach of our programs and activities is directly related to your generous support. Many of our programs are directed towards supporting individual leadership on a local level or participation in long-term programs. Our participating volunteers generally not only contribute their time and effort, but also bring substantial financial sacrifices to cover their travel and local costs (accommodation, meals, transportation, depending on program and project).

This ensures that your donations go to where they are needed most – the local programs and transformational activities that happen in our projects.

You can financially support re Charitable Ministry in different ways:
• Make an unrestricted-use donation to our general fund; these funds are used as needed for research and program development as well as to support ongoing projects
• Make a restricted-use donation to a specific program or project that has personal meaning and importance to you
• Make a donation to our sponsorship fund; these funds are used to provide a limited offset for some of the costs of our program trips (e.g. local meals, travel & accommodation) as needed
• Make a general donation to our operating fund; this fund provides support for our small general overhead (e.g. postage, website development, meeting costs)


To make a donation, participate in our project fundraising efforts or make participant payments, please visit our eGiving platform by clicking the logo below:

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If you prefer to make a donation by check, please mail it to the following address:
New Apostolic Church USA 
ATTN: re Charitable Ministry 
6005 Perry Highway 
Erie, PA 16509




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