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Envy and covetousness | Week of August 12th

James 3:16, For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.

From the sermon series: Our conduct

James’ letter is addressed to Christians who used to be Jewish and who were now scattered all over the land. In this part of his letter, he’s writing about heavenly wisdom versus evil, earthly wisdom.

As we can understand from James 3:13, wisdom is not about education or how much a person knows. Instead, it is about our conduct, our actions, and our character. Earthly wisdom causes us to be envious and selfish. If this is the type of wisdom we display, then we are not acting as God’s children. In fact, we can’t dwell in God’s presence when we act with this type of wisdom, because James tells us that evil dwells where envy and self-seeking exist, and God cannot be where evil is. We show that we have true, heavenly wisdom when we are peaceful, gentle, and merciful. When we act with this type of wisdom, we show that we are being transformed into a new creation with Jesus as our example and our minds set on heaven.

Journal Prompt: Who in your life do you consider to be wise? How does their conduct display their wisdom? What can you learn from them in order to grow in your own wisdom?

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