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News of the kingdom of God | Week of January 20

Luke 4:14, Then Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee, and news of Him went out through all the surrounding region.

From the sermon series: Fellowship with Jesus Christ

In Luke 4, Jesus is tempted by Satan for forty days in the wilderness. Jesus relies on Scripture to resist this temptation. After the forty days, Jesus begins His ministry in Galilee.

Read Luke 4:1-22. Imagine what it was like for the people alive during this time. Perhaps there were rumors going around of what Jesus had just successfully endured in the wilderness. And then in Nazareth, Jesus says that He is the One who fulfills Scripture – He has been sent to preach the gospel, to heal the brokenhearted, to provide liberty (Luke 4:16-21). Think about what that would mean to someone who had grown up knowing this passage from Scripture, and then witnesses Jesus speaking these words about Himself. This not only brings the power of Jesus to our attention, but also the power of Scripture as God’s Word and how it is relevant to the lives of believers, past, present, and future.

Journal Prompt: What passage in Scripture has been particularly relevant to your life in the past year?

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