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A timeless God in "real time"

Part 3 of 6 from "Divine Connection" from the Summer 2015 VISION Newsletter

God is always present “in real time”. Is God relevant to you right now? Is He real in your life? Sometimes it is easier to think of Him as a historical figure. I’m reminded of Jesus’ bold confession to the Pharisees in the 8th chapter of John who rejected the living God in human form standing right in front of them in favor of the historical God of Abraham. Christ finally declared to them: Before Abraham was, I AM! This seems like a grammatical mistake. We know that Jesus was intentionally using the term “I AM”. It was the way God described Himself to Moses, generations prior, to make a point. But it also reflects an important truth for us. Because He is God, He is always here in the present. He is available everywhere to everyone who seeks Him.

God offers us a continuous connection to Him through Jesus Christ. In every aspect of our lives, He shares Himself with us in “real time”.

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