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Part 6 of 6 from "Divine Connection" from the Summer 2015 VISION Newsletter

Divine connection creates community. So God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are present in our lives in real time. They bring fullness, abundance and the possibilities of life eternal within the Kingdom of God. They provide guidance and truth. But there is one more dimension. Our connectedness to Him also connects us to one another. Our relationship with God was meant to be shared and experienced within a community of believers. Community is created during the divine services where we worship God and experience His Word and the real presence of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion together. It is enhanced all during the midweek when we learn the Gospel together, profess the power of God in our lives and support each other pastorally. Community is built when believers pray together.

Every week, we hear new evidence across the district that these divine connections are multiplying despite all the human barriers; work and school scheduling demands, traffic, location, health and age. Let’s use every tool at our disposal to expand the ways we connect to God and each other continuously. The possibilities are limitless.

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