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Worthy partaking?

"Our understanding of Holy Communion" from the Autumn 2016 Vision Newsletter

The question sometimes arises, “Should I go up for Holy Communion if I haven’t completely forgiven someone or if I still harbor negative feelings towards my neighbor?”

In order to partake in Holy Communion worthily, one must believe in Christ and His sacrifice and be baptized. Our admittance to Holy Communion is grounded on the relationship that was created with God in our baptism – through the sacrament, we (or our parents) vowed faith and allegiance to Jesus Christ.

Our New Apostolic doctrine states that we believe the body and blood of Jesus is added to the bread and wine of the wafer and that His real sacrifice is present in Holy Communion. When we decide to partake in Holy Communion in front of the altar, it is as if we are standing in front of the cross during Christ’s sacrifice and are witnessing His death for our sins. Considering this idea is central to what we believe about Holy Communion, who then could actually stand worthily before the Lord?

In Communion we stand at the foot of the cross and witness the death of our Savior

Thus, this sacrament is also connected with the forgiveness of sins, although the absolution itself is not a sacrament. We believe the proclamation of the absolution insures that our sins are forgiven. While this is true, there is no way we can have knowledge of every sin we have committed or every lingering negative feeling we may have towards one another. And sometimes we simply struggle to forgive because the injustice committed against us is so great.

Already some years ago, the Chief Apostle expressed a vital key to this situation that if one wants to forgive, but struggles to do so, and fervently seeks the strength from Jesus to do it, then they should participate in Holy Communion.

Holy communion gives us the Strength in our struggle to forgive each other

Deciding to partake in Holy Communion is a highly personal decision. It is something that requires a deep faith in the victory of Christ, a heart that is humble, and the willingness to repent. It is important to remember that the experience of Holy Communion brings us the closest we can come to Jesus Christ on the earth and this communion with Him is an essential part of our salvation.

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