New Apostolic Church USA

April 2020 Resources

Session 1 The Creed: Holy Communion
Session 2 On the night of His betrayal
Session 3 Finding Forgiveness
Session 4 The Meals of Holy Communion

Traditional midweek divine service

John 10:17-18 Jesus dies with man (Good Friday)










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To promote the small group series, Our Creed, over the next few months, a set of two posters was sent to every congregation that displays the ten Articles of Faith. You can use these posters in whatever way is best for your congregation. Please continue to encourage your members to explore our beliefs throughout this small group series.

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  • Coronavirus Updates
    We are experiencing a very unique season of Passiontide this year. As we are beset with the ongoing global migration of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is prudent for our church to make cautious steps during this time of uncertainty. We remain resolute in faith and trust in God’s providence and guidance in this situation.   Please check this page often…

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