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  • On the Move, Operation Christmas Child
    On the Move, Operation Christmas Child November 16, 2014 Limerick, PA Our congregation looked forward to participating again in this worthwhile outreach program spearheaded by Samaritan’s Purse organization. Our efforts add to those of various congregations across the U.S. and those of Christian churches far and wide. Starting in the fall, one of our new youth got us going by creating a poster and list of suggested items to buy, donate and bring in to church: Small toys, hygiene items, school supplies, or crafts. A young Sunday school student made an announcement after service one Sunday. Then last Sunday the big day came to pack the…
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  • A Thanksgiving to Remember
    A Thanksgiving to Remember November 23, 2014 Atlanta, GA Our Church thanksgiving was particularly blessed this year. Firstly Apostle Hecht conducted a Divine Service for this special holiday and then two young souls, Colton and James, in the arms of their parents, received the gift of the Holy Spirit. 107 Congregants joyfully gathered for fellowship afterwards - where hot soup and sandwiches beat back the cold and rain.
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  • Two Special Sister’s Reach Milestones
    Two Special Sister’s Reach Milestones November, 2014 Lancaster & Bucks County, PA Earlier this month Sister Paula Fischer reached a special milestone birthday in Bucks.  Our District Elder thanked her for faithful support over many years. He recognized that this could be a bittersweet time since on Christmas day two years ago she became a widow. He commented that it is noteworthy that she is always asking questions about her faith because she is really interested. He offered her the following choices in the morning: "One can get up and approach the day by saying 'Good God, it's morning'  OR  'Good Morning God!'" It's a…
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  • Thoughts on Thanksgiving
    Dear brothers and sisters, Recently, I had the opportunity to be with our Chief Apostle in Argentina to celebrate their Thanksgiving Day. As we near the celebration of this special day the USA district and nation, I would like to share a few thoughts with you that he mentioned in this respect…

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