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  • Celebration of Anniversaries
    Celebration of Anniversaries In August and September, a few of our congregations in the USA district celebrated milestone anniversaries – Chinatown, NY, Ensenada, Mexico, and Clifton, NJ.
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  • Visit to the Dominican Republic & Haiti | La Visita a la Republica Dominicana y Haiti
    Visit to the Dominican Republic & Haiti | La Visita a la Republica Dominicana y Haiti At the end of June, the Chief Apostle visited the countries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Both of these countries are located on the Caribbean island called Hispaniola. The Chief Apostle first arrived on the eastern side of the island in the Dominican Republic on Thursday, June 20. The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern two thirds of the Caribbean and has more than 10 million inhabitants. On Friday, Chief Apostle Schneider held a meeting for ministers, and then conducted a divine service on Saturday, in the capital city of Santo Domingo. The 18 congregations in the Dominican Republic were…
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  • An Impulse in Colombia | Un impulso en Colombia
    An Impulse in Colombia | Un impulso en Colombia A special experience from Bishop Stegmann: As our weekend with our ministers from Venezuela and Colombia came to an end, we experienced a very moving, emotional, and powerful moment together. District Apostle Kolb chose Cucuta for this weekend to make it more accessible for the ministers from Venezuela to attend, since he cannot get a visa to travel to Venezuela. These ministers come from a country where those whom they serve, including their own families, are going through tremendous hardship. There is a lack of food, medicine, and all basic necessities. Members are moving to other countries to escape this…
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  • Does God really command us to sing?
    Singing is very personal. The voice is the only musical instrument physically connected to our body. Because of this, it’s only natural that our awareness is heightened when it comes to the quality of sound (or lack thereof) that we make when we sing. Perhaps we even become quite self-conscious.

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