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  • Honoring our Vets
    Honoring our Vets July 12, 2014 Ocala, FL On Saturday,  the youth joined the Ocala Congregation choir in honoring our Vets.  We were invited to sing at the Quarterly Veterans Memorial. The ceremony honors our veterans that have passed away during this quarter of the year.  Two of our youth sang a duet and then were joined by the choir.   Following the ceremony the youth spent the afternoon swimming and just having a great time together.   For dinner they traveled to another home for food and some awesome games.  Sunday arrived and we were happy to welcome the youth into our congregation for…
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  • Anything is Possible with God
    Anything is Possible with God June 21, 2013 Allentown, PA Over twenty Sunday School children and their families spent Saturday at the DaVinci Science Center in Allentown for our district VBS event:  “Anything is Possible with God”. Besides lots of fun with science, the children learned about many miracles in the Bible, and how they too can perform miracles each and every day by living the example of Christ in their lives.
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  • Summer Outdoor Service
    Summer Outdoor Service June 29, 2014 Union Grove, WI On Sunday Apostle Karl Orlofski joined the combined districts of Chicago and Milwaukee for their annual outdoor service in Union Grove, Wisconsin. The districts have been meeting at this location dating back to the 1960's. With the orchestra and assorted ensembles preparing the way, the Apostle served the congregation a word for the upcoming service for the departed. At the close of service all were treated to a number of joyful songs from the children's choir.    Following service, the youth provided all with the opportunity to have a delicious lunch, with pulled pork, hot…
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  • Accident in the Dominican Republic
    Over the weekend Apostle Julio Yepez from Panama City was in an accident in the Dominican Republic with the local District Elder, Braulio Sanchez as they were on their way to a seminar in Barahona.

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  • Being Holy | Week of July 21st
    From the sermon series: The church of Christ Being Holy “Speak to all the congregations of the children of Israel, and say to them: “You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.”Leviticus 19:2