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2014 Next Steps | National Town Hall Webcast

This past Saturday, January 18th, District Apostle Kolb held a town hall meeting addressing nationwide changes to the midweek experience. The meeting included explanations of each of the 5 options for congregations to use in developing the best program for their local church. Unfortunately, the webcast experienced significant technical difficulties as our website overloaded with activity, and many were unable to see the presentation. The presented information was re-recorded and available to view at the link below.

Additionally, a DVD of the recording as well as a resource kit will be sent to each New Apostolic Church congregation in the United States in the coming days.



Dear brothers and sisters,

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the technical problems that were experienced with our nationwide broadcast. We are especially mindful that many of you gathered at our churches, homes and other locations and were disappointed and frustrated about being unable to access the content of the transmission. We pray that God blesses you in a very special way for your dedication and patience. Please don't let these issues diminish your interest in and acceptance of the content that was presented. In light of the aforementioned difficulties, it is our desire to insure that everyone has access to this information. We have therefore rerecorded the presentation and it is now available for viewing at the link below.


Click HERE to view the Next Steps National Broadcast


Click HERE to view an article regarding these changes on our international website


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