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Divine service theme for the month of June, Pentecost.

June starts with the celebration of Pentecost. This festival commemorates a central event in the history of salvation. The Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and those who had gathered with them and filled them.

In the Pentecost service the Chief Apostle points out that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is an early reference to the sacrament of Holy Sealing, through which the Holy Spirit is dispensed by the Apostle ministry, creating the childhood in God and the conditions necessary for becoming a firstling. The gift of the Holy Spirit has effects within us and can be recognized by our trust in God, our spiritual equilibrium, the words we speak, and the compassion we show our neighbor.

The Sunday following Pentecost (Trinity Sunday) is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. With the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the self-revelation of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was complete. This divine service will explore the fact that God the Father revealed His triune nature at the baptism of Jesus and declared that He was pleased with Him. If we believe in the triune God, He will also be pleased with us.

The sermon on the third Sunday of the month will show that church and Holy Spirit belong together. The Holy Spirit is continually present in congregations led by Apostles. The church of the Lord is a legible letter of Christ because it bears witness to God’s activities through the apostolic ministry and allows itself to be prepared by the apostolate for its future task, namely to proclaim the glad tidings to all people as priests of God and of Christ.

The last Sunday in June will serve to prepare the congregations for the divine service for the departed the following week. It should become clear that Christ is Lord over the living and the dead. Through His sacrificial death, souls from the beyond are able to experience miracles of God’s love, that is, life in the Spirit. The dispensation of sacraments to the living and the dead has become possible through Jesus Christ.

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