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The Sermon on the Mount

Divine service theme for the month of July, The Sermon on the Mount

The month of July begins with the divine service for the departed. The focus is on Jesus Christ, the good shepherd of the living and the dead. Jesus cares for all, and His offer of salvation is meant for all. Those who are prepared to believe and have themselves baptized will be added to the flock of Christ, in other words, to His church. Holy Communion provides them with strength and Holy Sealing prepares them for the return of Christ.

On the second Sunday of July we will begin a sermon series dedicated to the Sermon on the Mount. The Sermon on the Mount can be regarded as the constitution of the kingdom of God, and Jesus Christ is its Lawgiver. On this Sunday, the believers will be called upon not to give in to the evil one. In fact, they will be asked to repay evil with good. This is something that even those who believe cannot achieve by themselves. Such a disposition can only be attained through the power of the Holy Spirit.

On the third Sunday in July we will interrupt the sermon series in order to commemorate a central event in our more recent Church history, namely the calling of the first Apostles of the new order in the 1830s. With the renewed personal occupation of the Apostle ministry, the church of Christ once again received the ministry that is the ambassador in Christ’s stead and urges believers to reconcile with God. All Christians who feel obliged to walk the apostolic way paved by Jesus Christ are called upon to profess this deed of God upon His church to all people.

In the last divine service in July we will again focus on the Sermon on the Mount, specifically the so-called Golden Rule. The sermon will address the expectations we have of our neighbor and show that our neighbor also has expectations of us. Let us ourselves fulfil the expectations we have of our neighbor, and prove our love to him.

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