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Divine service theme for the month of October, Our offerings

On the first Sunday of the month we will begin by exploring the different meanings attributed to the term “offering” in the Old and New Testaments. Let us never see our material offerings as a bothersome duty or expect earthly prosperity in return. They must always be an expression of our gratitude. The blessing of God also extends far beyond the material and temporal dimension— ultimately affecting our future with God.

On the following Sunday we will occupy ourselves with the question of how we can show a token of our love and gratitude toward God and our neighbor with our imperfect offerings.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive”—this is the focal point on the third Sunday in October, and it begins by illuminating the difference between earthly and spiritual wealth. We are called upon to let others share in our spiritual wealth as well.

On the ensuing Sunday we are to occupy ourselves with the question of how to set priorities when it comes to our offerings and sacrifices. Subjecting ourselves to the divine will does not mean we have to give up our personality. In fact, this effort will serve to our salvation and provide active support for the visible church.

The last Sunday service in October serves to prepare the way for the divine service for the departed. The emphasis here is on thoughts about how to proclaim salvation in Christ—both in this world and in the beyond.

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