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Experiencing the presence of God

Divine service theme for the month of October: "Experiencing the presence of God"

The divine services in the month of October will focus on how we can experience the presence of God today.

On the first Sunday we will examine aspects of God’s presence as Creator of the visible and invisible world, and come to recognize God’s all-encompassing love for us.

On the following Sunday the focus will be on God’s help. This is something that can be tangibly experienced by those who believe in the divine promises and who serve the Lord to express their love for Him.

On the third Sunday in October we will talk about the divine strength which we can draw on when we live our faith and believe in the sacrificial death of the Lord, His presence in the divine services, and in the living hope of His imminent return.

On the last Sunday in October we will prepare for the divine service for the departed. The focus of the article is not on grief or sorrow, but on praise for God’s all-encompassing love and care in the salvation He offers.

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