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The Activity of the Lord

Divine service theme for the month of February: "The Activity of the Lord"

On the first three Sundays in February, the divine services will revolve around and explore various aspects of the topic: “The activity of the Lord”. These include: “Love for mankind”, “Jesus, our example”, and “The bringer of salvation”. On the fourth Sunday of February, we will prepare ourselves for the divine service for the departed.

The first Sunday is based on the Bible text in which Jesus addresses a widow from Nain, whose son had died. Jesus is not only moved by earthly suffering, but also by man’s misery as a result of the fall into sin. Jesus shares His gospel, His kindness, and His compassion with all of mankind. When we receive such gifts we respond by sharing them with our neighbor.

“Dying with Him, living with Him” is the title of the article for the second Sunday. The Bible text is probably part of an ancient Christian hymn professing faith in Jesus Christ, which was sung by the early Christian congregations. At our baptism we vowed to be dead to sin and, at the same time, live to the Lord. We allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in this and resolutely follow the way established by Jesus because we want to have eternal fellowship with Him.

On the third Sunday, the message is: “Christians testify of their assurance of salvation.” The service is based on a Bible passage taken from the story of the Samaritan woman, who expresses the conviction that Jesus is the Messiah. Today Jesus can be recognized as the bringer of salvation in the proclamation of the word inspired by the Holy Spirit. However, Christians must never become complacent in having found salvation for themselves, but continue to be mindful of their mission to profess Jesus as the Savior of the world.

On the fourth Sunday, in preparation for the divine service for the departed, we will explore the concept: “God saves”. In order to be able to enter the kingdom of God, believers must follow God’s instructions. They must allow themselves to be baptized with water and the Holy Spirit, must regularly partake in the celebration of Holy Communion, hear the preaching of the gospel, and model their lives on it. This applies to both the living and the dead. In preparing for the divine service for the departed, which will take place the following Sunday, we will intercede for the departed so that they may be freed from the captivity of sin with the help of God.

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