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Passiontide 2020

February 26, 2020 marks the beginning of Passiontide, the 40 day period leading up to Easter. The days ahead are days of preparation and introspection. We prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ by meditating and reflecting on the life we’ve been given, the grace and mercy we’ve received, and the future resurrection that awaits us.

Encourage the congregation to intentionally focus on their relationship with God and resolve themselves to strengthen their bond with the Lord through engaging the Holy Spirit and overcoming temptations, just as Jesus did in the wilderness.

In addition to our divine services, we encourage our brothers and sisters to read from the Gospels, engage in devotionals, and participate in small groups and worship evenings if there is one in your area.

Below, you'll find resources that can be used during Passiontide to assist our congregations during this special time of our Christian year. The Story of Holy Week devotional was used in the past as a small group series. This resource can be used now as a personal devotional. It shouldn't be used in place of the monthly small group materials.



 You can view this video and other NAC-USA videos on our YouTube page. Click here to go to the NAC-USA YouTube page.


Aritcles and devotionals

 7 Words from the Cross

 Jesus - The Passover Lamb

 Holy Week Summary

 The Christy Hymn

 The Story of Holy Week Devotional

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  • Coronavirus Updates
    We are experiencing a very unique season of Passiontide this year. As we are beset with the ongoing global migration of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is prudent for our church to make cautious steps during this time of uncertainty. We remain resolute in faith and trust in God’s providence and guidance in this situation.   Please check this page often…

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