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The name "community" represents the agenda of the magazine in three different ways: to begin with, "comm" stands for the intent of communicating important information to as many members around the world as possible. The term "unity" represents the endeavour to promote the oneness of the international Church in this manner. And the term "community" is also intended to encourage our international fellowship to continue growing together, despite all cultural and social differences that exist around the world.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Glory be to God, our Father!, Love for Jesus, Serve with love, do not rule!, Marriage and family, Hungry for God's word.   ENGLISH SPANISH FRENCH
TOPICS INCLUDE: Walking in the Spirit, Divine Service and acts of blessing, Forgiveness of sins, Spring cleaning the temple of the heart, Love is all that counts 
TOPICS INCLUDE: Perseverance, the fundamentals of divine comfort, strategies of the Adversary, the doctrine of future things, churches merge in Germany 
TOPICS INCLUDE: Victory with Christ, divine service in Brazil: Professing our faith, The Sacraments, Life after Death, The Fear of God, Embracing the Grace of God
TOPICS INCLUDE: Victory with Christ, divine service in Australia, The church of Jesus Christ, The importance of world peace, 2019 International Youth Convention, Refugees make their way to Europe
TOPICS INCLUDE: Pentecost 2015: Divine service in Africa, Being credible witnesses: A visit in Europe, Growing faith and increasing love: A visit in America, Called to be a blessing for all people: A visit in Asia, Man in need of redemption, God's commandments
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