New Apostolic Church USA

2018 | Edition 2

TOPICS INCLUDE: Divine gifts, The secrets of a feel-good congregation, Salvation in the new creation, The meaning of the confirmation vow, The social media policy of the Church

LOS TEMAS INCLUYEN: Regalos divinos, Los secretos de una comunidad en la que todos se sienten bien, La salvación en la nueva creación, El significado del voto de la Confirmación; La Guía de Medios Sociales de la INA




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  • Does God really command us to sing?
    Singing is very personal. The voice is the only musical instrument physically connected to our body. Because of this, it’s only natural that our awareness is heightened when it comes to the quality of sound (or lack thereof) that we make when we sing. Perhaps we even become quite self-conscious.

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