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Faith Arc FAQs - Congregation

Is it a goal to know everyone in the congregation?

The idea to bring multiple congregations together to form a flagship congregation is to bring strength to the spiritual community and programs where each group can excel. If the congregation is big, sometimes it can be hard to know everyone well. This is where small groups become very important, especially in bigger congregations, to create relationships and motivate people to connect with each other.


Are there teachings for new people who come to church? (“New people” here means those who are not Christians who might not understand what to expect in church and also new Christians who come into the church.)

The first teaching is to set an example for the new people. For example, this can be done by arriving to church early, and not 5 minutes before service starts, because we need time beforehand to worship with the congregation, to meditate, and to pray.

There is also a new welcome program being formed for new people. This program will consist of a Greeter program, the Guest Booklet, teachings from the THRIVE Membership Booklet, and also sacramental teachings.


What should be done when there may not be parental support for a youth to participate in the youth group?

There are many demands on time and other responsibilities that people are committed to in their daily life. If a parent is unable to or doesn’t want to provide the necessary support for their child’s spiritual development, that creates an opportunity for the congregation to help support and invest in the student.


Will there be an adult group for those 35-55?

There will not be a national program for this age group because the church is not big enough to support a need for each group of people. There is always an option to make a group for those 35-55 on a local level if there are enough resources to promote it.


Is there a clear objective with the understanding of mentoring?

At confirmation in a congregation, sometimes the members do not even know the person getting confirmed. There really is no relationship if the congregation is only celebrating the soul on the day of their confirmation. It is important to know these children/youth the whole time in their congregational life very well, not just at confirmation. Because of this, it is encouraged that adults in the congregation take on a mentoring role and invest in the children and youth. There needs to be an awareness of having interaction intentionally with children and youth.


What is the role and responsibility of a young adult in the congregation?

Young adults have the ability to be catalysts in their congregations. They can take their ideas and turn them into reality. They should help bring together all ages of a congregation. Young adults need to be leaders and followers. As an adult in the congregation, they can participate in small groups and even lead a small group.


If young adults are expected to have an active role in the congregation and be catalysts for change, how will this happen?

The rectors/ministers will need to provide time with the young adults to review the next steps for their congregation and how the Faith Arc will affect the congregation. The rector should help facilitate conversations with young adults and local leadership. Young adults can be involved in Share Leadership Team meetings. There will also be instruction to the ministerial body to make sure they are clear about the young adults’ role in the congregation and to create intentional time to discuss, learn, and grow together with them.

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