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Faith Arc FAQs - Young Adults

What is the definition of ‘young adult’?

We’re defining a young adult as anyone who is 18-35. The intent is that by 35, they are integrated and active adult members of the congregation.


What is the role and responsibility of a young adult in the congregation?

Young adults have the ability to be catalysts in their congregations. They can take their ideas and turn them into reality. They should help bring together all ages of a congregation. Young adults need to be leaders and followers. As an adult in the congregation, they can participate in small groups and even lead a small group.


If young adults are expected to have an active role in the congregation and be catalysts for change, how will this happen?

The rectors/ministers will need to provide time with the young adults to review the next steps for their congregation and how the Faith Arc will affect the congregation. The rector should help facilitate conversations with young adults and local leadership. Young adults can be involved in Share Leadership Team meetings. There will also be instruction to the ministerial body to make sure they are clear about the young adults’ role in the congregation and to create intentional time to discuss, learn, and grow together with them.


For those in the 18-22 age range, it can be a challenging time because people change a lot during and after college. Is there help for those who need care at this time?

National church programs always focus on larger congregations that have a fair amount of resources. Once the larger congregation understands it resources to help young adults during and after college, then they must help the smaller congregations around them to provide a good, strong connection to the college and post-college young adults in their congregation. There needs to be an awareness not only when a young adult leaves for college and their care while at college, but also when they return home from college. This will require a conversation to discuss next steps for the young adults’ integration into the congregation once they return from college, or even if they had left the congregation for a different reason and have now returned.


Will the young adults now have their own program that has separate activities?

The young adult group isn’t a ‘program,’ but rather a strategy to effectively integrate 18-35 year olds into the adult membership of the congregation. Certainly young adults could get together and have social events or do service projects together, but it should be done with the intention of integrating other adults in the congregation as well.


Will there be a district young adult leader for the young adult group?

The young adult group will not have an official group leader designated by the church. Some young adult groups around the country are already self-managing and are able to organize on their own. We're developing a support network for this new approach.


Will ‘young adults’ include married individuals?

Yes. Anyone who is 18-35 is considered a young adult, regardless of marital status and regardless of whether they have children or not.

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