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Holy Week - Story Videos and Activities

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This year's celebration of Holy Week will definitely be unique. We're currently unable to come together physically at church. We are missing Easter Egg hunts and fun activities with friends. Perhaps you and your children are spending way more time together than you thought you would. This current season, when so many families are home around the clock, has brought some interesting challenges. However, given all of the uniqueness of this year, we don't want to lose an opportunity to celebrate Jesus, especially during Holy Week.

Just because we can't gather at church right now, doesn't mean we aren't still a community of believers trying to teach others, including our children, about Jesus. We want to support parents where they are because we're all in this together. That is why these story videos and activity prompts are being provided, for families to learn and grow together.

Please use these 5 sessions (story video, discussion questions, and activities) in your home to enhance Holy Week 2020.


Step 1: Bookmark this page. Here you will find everything you need for the sessions, story videos (roughly 3 minutes each), including discussion questions and activities under the video player of each session. If you and your family would rather read the stories on your own, or you'd like to follow along with the videos, you can download the text of the stories and all of the discussion questions and suggested activities by clicking this link pdf Holy Week - Story and Activity Guide (941 KB) The age-appropriate Activity Pages in Step 4 below are different documents that include more interactive sheets (puzzles, coloring pages, journal prompts, etc.) for each session. It is encouraged that parents print the Activity Pages for their children to work on. 

Step 2: Schedule. Determine when your family will get together on the specific indicated day to watch the story videos, discuss the questions, and do an activity or two. Try to choose the same time for each day’s gathering. Early evening may be the perfect time just before or after family dinner, but with so many families home all week, you could do something mid-day too.

Step 3: Consider inviting other families to connect and watching the videos and have a discussion virtually. Facebook offers a great opportunity to create an event, invite your families to attend, and then use Facebook Live as you share with families. There are also many other options out there such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. Determine your method and let your families know.

Step 4: Download and print the age-appropriate Activity Pages below. These documents include 2 pages per session (10 pages total) and provide additional illustrations and activities for each session highlighted on this journey through Holy Week. 

  pdf Pre-School Holy Week Activity Pages (4.80 MB)

  pdf Younger Kids Holy Week Activity Pages (4.41 MB)

  pdf Older Kids Holy Week Activity Pages (5.75 MB)

Step 5: Be creative.  The questions and activities are simply suggestions and can be customized to the child's maturity and level of understanding. However, don't underestimate your children either. Holy Week is a wonderful time to stretch our comfort zones and perhaps embrace a topic or discussion that may not have come up before. 


Click the session graphics below to be taken to the video, discussion questions, and additional activities for that specific day.


Session 1

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Session 2

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Session 3

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Session 4

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Session 5

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Videos, stories, and activities are used with permission from LifeWay publishing in partnership with The Gospel Project

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