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September 2020 | Discipleship Moments On The Go


Hello Amazing Parents!

Have you ever thought about how you pass on your faith to your kids? When would you do it with your packed schedule? Where would you even start?

This month we want to talk about how you, as a parent, can create discipleship moments on the go. Yes, in the middle of your already busy life, you can make a spiritual impact. Check out this month’s video. 


We hope you will put some of these ideas into motion this month! 


On another topic, back-to-school looks a little different this year, yes? Does your school supply list now include masks or a distance learning cheat sheet? As we face this global pandemic together as a community, we want you to know your church is in full support of you– the parents.

Whether your student attends school online, in-person, or a hybrid, we have an encouraging 3-minute read to inspire you. These quick reads give you practical, encouraging tips to help make it through the back-to-school transition.


11 Things Your Elementary School Student Needs From You 

11 Things Your Middle School or High School Student Needs From You


Joining you in prayer for your child,

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team





Hi families,

This month we are talking about how to create discipleship moments on the go. If you missed this month’s coaching video, take just a few minutes and watch it now.

Those five simple ideas are all steps you can take in the normal rhythm of your life. That is the key to creating discipleship moments. You have to choose to be strategic. Most parents think their lives are too busy to be effective, but with just a little bit of strategic planning, you can bring Jesus into the normal flow of life. When you choose to be strategic, you don’t try to do everything, but rather, you try to do a few things with purpose and focus.

The challenge we make to parents all the time is to imagine the end. Imagine what you want for your kids spiritually. Let that be the fuel to find discipleship moments on the go this month.

You can do this, and we are cheering you on, 

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team

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