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October 2020 | Raising Kids That Lose Well


Dear families,

How do your kids respond when things don’t go well?

What happens when your kids lose?

This month we tackle those very questions. We want to help you raise kids that lose well, lose with class, and learn from moments of struggle. We know everyone wants to win, but we also understand we can lose more than we win. How are you helping your child prepare for those moments?

Look for a second email later in the month where we will give you a few more tips about raising kids that lose well!


Joining you in prayer for your child,

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team




Hi families,

How your kids respond and react to losing matters, and this month, we have been talking about raising kids that lose well.

The video gave some great tips, but we provide you with one more piece of advice for raising kids who lose well.

How a parent responds when they don’t win or get their way shapes the way their child responds when they lose.

Your child learns to deal with loss from the way you deal with failure. How are you responding to life as it comes at you? How do you talk about others when you don’t get your way? How do you deal with the challenge? Your kids are taking cues from you.

Breathe deep. Thankfully, you are not the only factor. Your child’s personality is a significant factor in how they deal with losing, but you are one part of the equation. This month evaluate what you are modeling for them and make adjustments. Small adjustments can make a huge impact over time.

You can do this, and we are cheering you on, 

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team

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