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Grassroots – something firmly anchored, on the ground, local. A perfect metaphor for the re Charitable Ministry’s domestic program.

Ultimately, the re philosophy is about culture change that has a lasting impact. We want to encourage our participants to recognize without thinking about it. To have recognition trigger a comprehensive but genuine response. To be willing to sacrifice in order to relief and restore those who are in need, within the limit of our capabilities. And thereby to renew – hope and joy for all who are involved, in a fundamental, transforming way about the fact that we have been able to follow and live Christ’s calling in our modern world.

For those who are at the beginning of this journey, our Humanitarian Program (HMP) offers a first exposure to our philosophy. We hope and strive that it will result in a lasting change of viewpoint and commitment. But ultimately, what happens ‘back at home’, in our daily lives, on the ground is really what embodies this culture change. After all, that’s where we spend the majority of our time!

Our Grassroots Program therefore does not start projects. To the contrary – where the aforementioned culture change truly happens (or already happened a long time ago), there will be local individuals, groups, families, friends who will take the initiative and start to change the world around them!

And we are here to walk with them and help them on this journey!

We offer two distinct support options under our Grassroots. Both of them have in common that they take a secondary role – a strong local initiative, project, and community impact are indispensable pre-requisites for participation in our programs! Our Micro-Grant Program offers ‘seed’ money to start something small. And there is nothing wrong with making a small, but well executed impact! In fact, as this culture change is a journey we encourage our applicants to be realistic about what they are trying to achieve, the level and sustainability of their own commitment as well as that of those who are with them. We believe that making these first steps a complete and meaningful experience based on the re philosophy sets the stage for greater things to come.

Ready to take the next step? Our Growth Grant Program offers more fundamental support for those projects that are based on ongoing, lasting commitment to a cause, partner or project. Once a seed project has germinated, it should and will attract interest, new participants. We want to enable our participants to grow with the scope of their involvement. At the same time, even our Growth Grant Program is not intended to create lasting and unlimited financial support. We encourage our participants early on to make the question of and planning for ongoing support, beyond the limits of our programs, a key aspect of their plans from day one. This reflects our belief that true commitment and the passion that comes with it will enable our participants to base their projects on a broad foundation right from the earliest stages on into the future.

Recognized a need? Got an idea and are ready to Respond? Check out the application packages for both our Grassroots programs to see whether they fit your calling!


  pdf Micro-Grant Application Package (197 KB)

  pdf Growth Grant Application Package (190 KB)

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