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Dominican Republic Hurricane Relief

Written by Friday, August 26 2011

2007 - 2008

Project Size: $10,000

When Hurricane Noel hit the Dominican Republic at the end of October 2007, massive flooding affected major areas of the country. Thousands people were displaced and threatened with severe health conditions due to unsanitary water conditions.

The WRF provided funding to source, transport and distribute water & food supplies to the affected areas until cleanup and rebuilding activities could take a firm hold. A team of local representatives of New Apostolic Church USA coordinated these activities, supporting in total more than 50 families.

Kenya Election Violence

Written by Friday, August 26 2011


Project Size: $25,000

After disputed elections at the end of 2008, civil unrest broke out in major parts of Kenya. Ethnic killings as well as displacement of inhabitants affected especially the western parts of the country.

The WRF approved a project grant to provide shelter, food and relocation assistance to parts of the affected population. Operational assistance for this project was donated by the New Apostolic Church Kenya.

American/Western Samoa Tsunami Relief

Written by Monday, August 01 2011


Project Size: $5,000

An earthquake in the Pacific caused a series of tsunamis to hit the American and Western Samoa islands in the South Pacific, causing widespread destruction and severely damaged infrastructure along the coast lands. The WRF provided a $5,000 grant to assist in delivering potable water and food supplies to the affected areas.

Pakistan Flooding Assistance

Written by Monday, August 01 2011


Project Size: $20,000

Heavy monsoon rains which began in July 2010 caused widespread and devastating flooding in Pakistan. With crops destroyed and property swept away, more than 20 million people were estimated to be directly affected by the aftermath. On behalf of the international New Apostolic Church, New Apostolic Church Canada coordinated various local relief projects, ranging from food & water assistance to rebuilding projects. The WRF supported this joint international effort via a humanitarian grant.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Written by Monday, August 01 2011

2010 - Present

Project Size: >$100,000

Immediately after the devastating earthquake which struck Haiti on January 12, 2009, the WRF shipped food, water and medical supplies from the Dominican Republic to a central distribution center set up in the New Apostolic Church in Leogane. With the voluntary assistance of the local lead pastor, Dr. Thenor, help was provided to more than 1000 people in need in the surrounding neighborhoods. Relief shipments were conducted until mid-2010, when the local food and water situation started to stabilize.

The WRF is now partnering with its German sister organization, NAK karitativ, to fund and manage the rebuilding of one of Leogane’s leading schools, the College Platon. Work on this project started in December 2010, with an estimated completion of mid-2011. The project includes the construction of an eight-classroom school building and necessary facilities (sanitary installations, kitchen, etc.).

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