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Project Size:  $50,000

On May 28, 2006, a major earthquake struck the Yogyakarta area on the Java island of Indonesia. Much of the local infrastructure was destroyed, and many people, displaced from their homes, were under the constant threat of disease outbreaks.

Due to the amount of support and funding needed, relief entities of the New Apostolic Church around the globe entered into a joint funding agreement for this project, coordinated by NAK Karitativ. The WRF supported this project with a grant of $50,000.

This project has funded the rebuilding of much needed infrastructure like roads, schools, housing, and hospitals, with the objective to complete sound construction in the shortest time possible to allow the population to return to a more normal life.

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In February of 2006, members of the New Apostolic Church in the Pennsylvania district collected significant amounts of winter clothing for the victims of the severe earthquake which took place in the Kashmir region of Pakistan at the end of 2005. The WRF funded the shipping and customs charges to transport these supplies to Pakistan. The shipments were cleared as emergency relief donations and provided to the affected population in Kashmir.

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Project Size: $50,000

In August of 2007, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit the central coast of Peru, resulting in widespread destruction and loss of life. Access to the affected areas became difficult, if not impossible. The WRF worked with representatives to coordinate medium-term relief efforts with the local government. Special emphasis was placed on providing shelter for the homeless and distributing food and clean water supplies. Due to the size of this project, NAK karitativ committed to fund this project jointly with the WRF.

The WRF set up food & water distribution centers in various buildings of the New Apostolic Church Peru in the affected areas, and funded the purchase of staple foods and bottled water for six months after the earthquake. Tents were purchased to allow for shelter during bad weather. With increasing accessibility and full-scale governmental support in the affected areas, WRF concluded this project in March of 2008.

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Project Size: $10,000

In response to a major earthquake in China, the WRF coordinated a fundraising effort on behalf of the New Apostolic Church USA. A $10,000 contribution was made to the Red Cross China Relief effort.

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2010 - Present

Project Size: >$100,000

Immediately after the devastating earthquake which struck Haiti on January 12, 2009, the WRF shipped food, water and medical supplies from the Dominican Republic to a central distribution center set up in the New Apostolic Church in Leogane. With the voluntary assistance of the local lead pastor, Dr. Thenor, help was provided to more than 1000 people in need in the surrounding neighborhoods. Relief shipments were conducted until mid-2010, when the local food and water situation started to stabilize.

The WRF is now partnering with its German sister organization, NAK karitativ, to fund and manage the rebuilding of one of Leogane’s leading schools, the College Platon. Work on this project started in December 2010, with an estimated completion of mid-2011. The project includes the construction of an eight-classroom school building and necessary facilities (sanitary installations, kitchen, etc.).

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