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Project Size: $150,000

Due to persistent drought conditions in central Africa, conditions in western Kenya deteriorated dramatically towards the end of 2005. Much of the local population was in danger of severe malnutrition and starvation. The WRF partnered with NAK Karitativ, an affiliated humanitarian organization based in Dortmund, Germany, to implement a two-step relief program based on the suggestions of local staff.


Step 1: Immediate Food Relief

In cooperation with a local supply partner, the WRF sourced more than 930 industry-sized bags of the major food staple, white maize, and contracted a local humanitarian relief partner with existing infrastructure to transport and distribute these supplies. Fifteen local village and township centers in the most affected areas served as distribution points where supplies were dispersed to the general population.


Step 2: Long-Term Water Supply

The WRF then took steps to explore deep-well drilling in drought areas to improve long-term conditions. These wells are intended to provide fresh, clean water to the surrounding neighborhoods, even during drought conditions, and may also be used for agricultural irrigation depending on the water supply available.

After geological survey work was conducted to identify suitable locations, two local drilling companies started work on a total of seven wells, located in the communities of Kyandali, Masouni, Mitalani, Kiwanza, Twamwia, Kamalulalani, Katumbi. Drilling of all wells was completed in early 2007. Together with the New Apostolic Church Kenya, the WRF is now developing a training & maintenance program for local users to ensure that the wells remain functional and productive as clean water resources.

The WRF has encouraged the New Apostolic Church Kenya to continue installing wells even after the available project funding is exhausted. The local religious and administrative leadership team has committed to do so.

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Project Size: $25,000

After disputed elections at the end of 2008, civil unrest broke out in major parts of Kenya. Ethnic killings as well as displacement of inhabitants affected especially the western parts of the country.

The WRF approved a project grant to provide shelter, food and relocation assistance to parts of the affected population. Operational assistance for this project was donated by the New Apostolic Church Kenya.

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