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Hello Amazing Parents!

Have you ever thought about how you pass on your faith to your kids? When would you do it with your packed schedule? Where would you even start?

This month we want to talk about how you, as a parent, can create discipleship moments on the go. Yes, in the middle of your already busy life, you can make a spiritual impact. Check out this month’s video. 


We hope you will put some of these ideas into motion this month! 


On another topic, back-to-school looks a little different this year, yes? Does your school supply list now include masks or a distance learning cheat sheet? As we face this global pandemic together as a community, we want you to know your church is in full support of you– the parents.

Whether your student attends school online, in-person, or a hybrid, we have an encouraging 3-minute read to inspire you. These quick reads give you practical, encouraging tips to help make it through the back-to-school transition.


11 Things Your Elementary School Student Needs From You 

11 Things Your Middle School or High School Student Needs From You


Joining you in prayer for your child,

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team





Hi families,

This month we are talking about how to create discipleship moments on the go. If you missed this month’s coaching video, take just a few minutes and watch it now.

Those five simple ideas are all steps you can take in the normal rhythm of your life. That is the key to creating discipleship moments. You have to choose to be strategic. Most parents think their lives are too busy to be effective, but with just a little bit of strategic planning, you can bring Jesus into the normal flow of life. When you choose to be strategic, you don’t try to do everything, but rather, you try to do a few things with purpose and focus.

The challenge we make to parents all the time is to imagine the end. Imagine what you want for your kids spiritually. Let that be the fuel to find discipleship moments on the go this month.

You can do this, and we are cheering you on, 

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team

The Chief Apostle's visit to California, originally scheduled for September 13th, has been postponed until further notice. An announcement will be made on our website and Minister Companion once the visit has been rescheduled. 


Hello Amazing Parents!

Yes, that is you! You are amazing! You may not hear it enough or feel like it enough either. If you are seeking to raise Godly kids in this crazy world, you are an amazing parent!

It is not an easy task, and you may feel like some days you are failing, but God is with you, and we are too. We always want to give you some love, help, and continued prayer!

This month our short Partnering with Parents topic is here to help you as you raise children to be spiritually aware and growing in faith. We hope that gave you a quick boost toward continuing on, this month in your parental awesomeness.

Teaching your kids to be more spiritual aware is such an important thing. Even for ourselves as parents, we need to be constantly working to keep ourselves aware of what God is doing in and around us!

On another topic, back-to-school looks a little different this year, yes? Does your school supply list now include masks or a distance learning cheat sheet? As we face this global pandemic together as a community, we want you to know your church is in full support of you– the parents.

The month of August and September in the year 2020 is no walk in the park. Whether your student attends school online, in-person, or a hybrid, we have an encouraging 3-minute read to inspire you. These quick reads give you practical, encouraging tips to help make it through the back-to-school transition.


11 Things Your Elementary School Student Needs From You 

11 Things Your Middle School or High School Student Needs From You


Praying that God give you patience and endurance in this transitional season,

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team




Hi families,

One of the greatest opportunities you have as a parent is opening your children’s eyes to God’s presence in our world. It is a wonderful moment when your children become more spiritually aware of their world and God’s work in it.

This month’s Partnering with Parents topic is a quick encouragement about “Raising Spiritually Aware Kids.”

Here are a few reflections and questions to consider after watching this month’s video: 

  1. What are your insecurities when it comes to discussing God’s presence and personal faith with your children? 
  2. How have you seen your own personal pursuit of God changing your family life? 
  3. What is a verse that has been powerful in your journey of faith that you could share with your children? 
  4. How can you make staying engaged in your church as a family a priority this summer? 
  5. When and where will you have time together as a family during the summer months (mealtimes, long car rides…) that will give you opportunities to have spiritual conversations?

We hope that the remainder of the year provides opportunities for you and your families to become more aware of God's presence.

Partnering with you,


The NAC USA Family Ministry Team



As we explore the theme of We, the Church throughout the month of August, we’ll discover that the church is what we the members make it. We are the church. That is also true when it comes to our finances. Please watch the following video for an update from our District Apostle on our current financial situation. Below you’ll find ways that you can give, along with resources on our understanding of giving to explore.



Giving is...

Giving is love. Giving is faith. Giving is joy. Giving is mission. Giving is sacrifice. Giving is secret. Giving is worship. When we look at giving, we want to dive into these seven different aspects and understand how each one relates to giving. So far, we have explored five of the seven aspects. We pray that these teachings will serve to inspire a new understanding of Christian giving and a new desire to demonstrate God's love to the world through a renewed willingness to share what we've been blessed with.

Click here to see the "Giving is..." understandings



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New Apostolic Church USA Reflections on Giving Paper

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Dear families,

When you are a parent, you give, invest, and sacrifice for your family. We are so thankful for all that you invest in the lives of your children!

This month we want to take things in a little different direction and focus on you. It’s really simple. A healthy parent will lead their wild, fun, messy, (insert whatever word you need) family toward health.

This month we want to talk about your health. How are you doing? How are you caring for your soul as a parent?

Please be sure to watch the video for the month below.

Praying for you as you ask yourself these questions!

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team




Hi families,

We usually talk about ways that you can invest in the spiritual lives of your children. This month we are flipping the script and working on you. Are you caring for your soul?

This month's video outlined some practical steps you can take to care for your soul. This is important because they will help you parent from a healthy place. 

How are you doing with soul care? We know you give and give and give all day long with your family. When is the last time you looked deeply into your soul to see how you are doing?

We heard some helpful steps to take to ensure we are caring for our souls as parents. If you are going to put any of those in motion, then you are going to have to make one first, brave step.

Calendar it, and don’t apologize for blocking off time for you to take care of your soul.

Things get very real when we sit down with our calendar, and we start blocking off time. We see that goal, and we have the chance to work toward that goal. When you calendar soul care, you always have the opportunity to say no to other opportunities because it’s on your calendar!

If we can help you process any of these ideas, please let us know. We are here to help, and we are cheering you on!


Praying for you,

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team


En el servicio de Pentecostés, el Apóstol Mayor Schneider mencionó varias brechas que pueden dividir a las personas. Desde entonces, este tema ha surgido y se ha profundizado en los servicios posteriores.

A continuación se muestra una colección de clips de servicios, así como un artículo escrito por el Apóstol John Fendt.

Haz clic aquí para Español - Cerrando las Brechas


In the Pentecost service, Chief Apostle Schneider mentioned various gaps that can divide people. Since then, this topic has emerged and deepened in subsequent services. 

Below is a collection of service clips, as well as an article written by Apostle John Fendt.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Let Us Trust In God, The Lord Does Great Things For Us, Earn Nothing and Receive Everything, Following the Precepts of Scripture 


Dear families,

This month, we don't have a video to show, but rather would like to share two articles with you that are extremely important and timely. Please take a few moments to read this first article, Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Talking to Your Kids About Racism, as it may help you process with your children the events that are happening in the world. 

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Talking to Your Kids About Racism

If you’ve been paying attention these last few years, you know this: Racism is real. But when it comes to talking to kids about racism, many parents are uncertain about how to talk about it with their kids. And while we want to address it, we wish we could shelter them from ever witnessing anything so reminiscent of our dark and painful history.

But somehow, we know that part of the solution for change starts with us. We also know that as parents, we have an opportunity to make a difference in this world through the incredible influence we have on our kids—who are watching, listening, and taking it all in—regardless of whether we intend for them to or not.

We also want to bring hope and comfort to our kids through our words and actions in troubling times, so as you think about how to talk to your kids about the realities and uncertainties of our world, we encourage you to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. How are YOU processing your feelings?
    In order to have honest conversations with our kids, we need to be honest with ourselves. Check your heart and your thoughts. Be sure to take a step back and identify how you might need to change in your prejudices and in your interactions with others. Reflect on what it really means to love those whom God loves, and unrelentingly pursue forgiveness and reconciliation. Your kids will get many of their cues from observing your response. Yes, they’re really watching and listening. Are your reactions and frustrations to what is happening betraying any subtle biases? 
  2. Do you celebrate diversity?
    Some parents may be tempted to try to teach their kids to be blind to color, to shy away from acknowledging differences or just ignore them altogether. But the truth is that we are all very different in the way God made us—in our skin color, in our genetic makeup, and in our culture. And that’s something to be celebrated, not ignored. Do you model the belief with your words and actions that God made each of us unique and beautiful even in our differences? Do you demonstrate respect and honor towards those you disagree with? How diverse is your circle of friends and the people you associate with? How can you widen that circle for your family? 
  3. Are you talking about racism?
    Racism is a difficult and sensitive topic, but it does exist, often in the form of subtle comments and prejudice, but sometimes it’s outright hatred and violence. Not talking about it doesn’t make it go away. So talk about the issues with others outside your circle and with people of different backgrounds. Discover the truth from various outlets and seek to understand other perspectives. When you find the right words that honestly and respectfully express how you think and feel, choose which words you might share with your kids. Then talk to your kids about prejudice and racism so you can equip them with the values and the words they will need to respect, celebrate, and stand up for those who are being discriminated against. 
  4. Are you focused on love?
    As parents, our hearts break in the shadow of these tragic events, and our anxiety, anger, and fear unfortunately leak out onto our kids. It’s okay to be honest with your kids, but it’s important to talk to them about how your family can respond to what’s happening in our world in a positive way.
    As you navigate these important conversations, focus on what matters most: LOVE. Put love into action, and rest in the hope that is found there. And dole out love in especially large doses on your kids so they feel safe and secure. Hug them tightly and let them know that God is with them and they don’t have to be afraid.


This article was originally published HERE on


Partnering with you and praying that you and your family are continuing to grow in Him,

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team





Hi families,

In continuing the sensitive and important topic of racism, please see the below article.


 The Work of Teaching Kids to Value Everyone

“I will never be friends with Will*! He has a funny looking hand, and I will never play with him!” my 4-year-old passionately declared the moment she climbed in the backseat of our car after her first day of pre-k.

I froze, eyes wide, mouth open. My eyes flicked to the rear-view mirror where I could see my little girl, scowling, arms crossed over her new navy dress with the words “BE KIND” spelled out in sequins. Where had I gone wrong? How had I missed the signs that I was raising a monster?? What were the magic words I had to say to reverse this immediately?

“Babe . . . that makes me feel . . .” I started, completely unsure how to finish that sentence. I settled on “. . . really sad.” Her scowl grew deeper. She was doubling down. “Sad for you, that you might miss out on a really good friend.”

“But I will never be his . . .”

“. . . Yes, I hear you. But I’m also sad for him. You know how nervous you felt about starting a new school this morning?” (Small nod) “Remember how scared you felt about making new friends? Can you imagine how it would feel to start a new school and wonder if anyone would be able to see past how you look and just be your friend?”

(A scowl and a huff) Okay. New strategy.

“What if Jude had a funny looking hand?” She had a fairly new baby brother she was obsessed with. Just a few weeks before she’d told me if anyone was ever mean to him, she would punch them in the face (maybe that was one of the signs I’d missed). “What if he looked different from everyone else and people decided not to be his friend because they didn’t like how he looked? How would you feel?”

“I knooooooww-uh!” Eye roll.

I knew I was pushing my lecture time limit but how could I—in good conscience—send this sweetly packaged monster back to pre-k the next day?!

“Okay, one last thing. Will’s mama loves him as much as I love you. She helped him pick out a first day of school outfit just like we did. She wants him to have a good year filled with great friends and I want you to be kind to everyone—not because they look like you or act like you or like the same things you like.

I want you to be kind to everyone because everyone is important.”

“I knooooooww-uh! STOP TALKING!”

Confirmed: I was raising a monster.

That afternoon, as she watched Daniel Tiger (singing, “In some ways we are different, but in so many ways, we are the same” in the background), I ordered no less than 10 Everyone Has Equal Value-themed picture books to subtly slide into our bedtime story rotation. I added shows and movies to our queue that had heroes who looked different or faced down bullies. I researched places we could go as a family to make sure she was regularly exposed to all kinds of people. And I signed up for a Meals on Wheels route for us to do as a family on our one free morning.

I wish I could say she went back to school the next week and invited Will over for a play date. But I learned that I can’t teach love in one day. There were no magic words I could say to fill her with empathy and eradicate all fear/hatred towards others. The truth is, my work on this subject will never be done. Not after reading all the books, watching all the movies, and delivering all the meals. Not even after she got in the backseat one day in May and announced, “I have big news! Will is actually my friend!”

Being intentional about the books we read, the people we interact with, the way my husband and I speak to and about others—this is work I should have been doing all along, work I must continue doing the rest of my life.

Because, guess what? I wasn’t raising a monster after all. We all have prejudices, fears, and biases. We all see and react to differences in others. And we all have to be willing to do the work needed to make sure the next generation is one defined by their ability to see the intrinsic value in every person they meet.



This article was written by Lauren Terrell and originally published HERE on

As a reminder, new activity sheets are added every week to the Parenting Resources section on the Tools and Resources page. Other parenting resources include conversation starters and a family worship guide. Please feel free to share any of these resources with other families. Additionally, this document contains instructions and descriptions of items, including children's books and devotionals, that can be ordered free of charge. Buyers only have to pay for shipping. These free items are available while supplies last.


Praying for you,

The NAC USA Family Ministry Team

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