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Our History

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re Charitable Ministry is the next evolutionary step in the humanitarian work of the New Apostolic Church USA. Our new entity reflects the tradition of the past and our vision for the future.

In the face of the devastation left by Katrina members of the New Apostolic Church were moved to help the victims. Within days the Church deployed volunteer teams to assist with clean-up, reconstruction and general support services in Slidell, LA. Over weeks, teams rotated in and out of the region to continue their work. Inspired by these events, New Apostolic Church USA created a formal entity, the NAC USA World Relief Fund. This entity was tasked with coordinating and implementing the Church’s response in such situations.

Over the next years, the WRF conducted numerous projects of its own and partnered with a variety of local and international charities (for a description of some of the projects, click here). When working within its own region, the WRF used existing church infrastructure to reduce overhead. For relief projects outside its own region the WRF partnered with selected international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) around the world, in particular NAK Karitativ.

Shortly after its five year anniversary, a broader review of and discussion about the WRF’s mission and future began. Inspired by the church’s Vision and Mission a sense of a broader Christian-humanitarian calling and responsibility started to take shape. In living like Christ, we strive to love our neighbors as He taught us. This cannot and should not be limited to disaster events only. And yet, as a small charity, the question of how to follow this calling is not an easy one to answer.

Defining the future strategy of the church’s humanitarian activities brought two more complementing areas of activity into focus. While continuing its Disaster Relief activities, an ongoing Humanitarian Program is intended to build long-term relationships and make lasting, communal changes in areas of need. At the same time, a separate Grassroots Program has the objective to inspire and – where already existing – strengthen and support activities of our members and churches to express the love of Christ in local communities.

Together, all three strategic focus areas form the re Charitable Ministry.

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