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Written by Tuesday, March 01 2016

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The scope and reach of our programs and activities is directly related to your generous support. Many of our programs are directed towards supporting individual leadership on a local level or participation in long-term programs. Our participating volunteers generally not only contribute their time and effort, but also bring substantial financial sacrifices to cover their travel and local costs (accommodation, meals, transportation, depending on program and project).

This ensures that your donations go to where they are needed most – the local programs and transformational activities that happen in our projects.

You can financially support re Charitable Ministry in different ways:
• Make an unrestricted-use donation to our general fund; these funds are used as needed for research and program development as well as to support ongoing projects
• Make a restricted-use donation to a specific program or project that has personal meaning and importance to you
• Make a donation to our sponsorship fund; these funds are used to provide a limited offset for some of the costs of our program trips (e.g. local meals, travel & accommodation) as needed
• Make a general donation to our operating fund; this fund provides support for our small general overhead (e.g. postage, website development, meeting costs)


To make a donation, participate in our project fundraising efforts or make participant payments, please visit our eGiving platform by clicking the logo below:

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If you prefer to make a donation by check, please mail it to the following address:
New Apostolic Church USA 
ATTN: re Charitable Ministry 
6005 Perry Highway 
Erie, PA 16509





Written by Tuesday, March 01 2016

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Grassroots – something firmly anchored, on the ground, local. A perfect metaphor for the re Charitable Ministry’s domestic program.

Ultimately, the re philosophy is about culture change that has a lasting impact. We want to encourage our participants to recognize without thinking about it. To have recognition trigger a comprehensive but genuine response. To be willing to sacrifice in order to relief and restore those who are in need, within the limit of our capabilities. And thereby to renew – hope and joy for all who are involved, in a fundamental, transforming way about the fact that we have been able to follow and live Christ’s calling in our modern world.

For those who are at the beginning of this journey, our Humanitarian Program (HMP) offers a first exposure to our philosophy. We hope and strive that it will result in a lasting change of viewpoint and commitment. But ultimately, what happens ‘back at home’, in our daily lives, on the ground is really what embodies this culture change. After all, that’s where we spend the majority of our time!

Our Grassroots Program therefore does not start projects. To the contrary – where the aforementioned culture change truly happens (or already happened a long time ago), there will be local individuals, groups, families, friends who will take the initiative and start to change the world around them!

And we are here to walk with them and help them on this journey!

We offer two distinct support options under our Grassroots. Both of them have in common that they take a secondary role – a strong local initiative, project, and community impact are indispensable pre-requisites for participation in our programs! Our Micro-Grant Program offers ‘seed’ money to start something small. And there is nothing wrong with making a small, but well executed impact! In fact, as this culture change is a journey we encourage our applicants to be realistic about what they are trying to achieve, the level and sustainability of their own commitment as well as that of those who are with them. We believe that making these first steps a complete and meaningful experience based on the re philosophy sets the stage for greater things to come.

Ready to take the next step? Our Growth Grant Program offers more fundamental support for those projects that are based on ongoing, lasting commitment to a cause, partner or project. Once a seed project has germinated, it should and will attract interest, new participants. We want to enable our participants to grow with the scope of their involvement. At the same time, even our Growth Grant Program is not intended to create lasting and unlimited financial support. We encourage our participants early on to make the question of and planning for ongoing support, beyond the limits of our programs, a key aspect of their plans from day one. This reflects our belief that true commitment and the passion that comes with it will enable our participants to base their projects on a broad foundation right from the earliest stages on into the future.

Recognized a need? Got an idea and are ready to Respond? Check out the application packages for both our Grassroots programs to see whether they fit your calling!


  pdf Micro-Grant Application Package (197 KB)

  pdf Growth Grant Application Package (190 KB)

Disaster Relief

Written by Tuesday, March 01 2016

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Our Disaster Relief Program continues much of the work previously coordinated by the NAC USA World Relief Fund. Responding to the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, various Vacation Bible School projects during summer focused on the needs in this country, raising funds which added to the general donations received for this purpose. As is often the case, after the initial ‘immediate’ need for help, which in many cases is more than covered by emergency relief organizations, there is an urgent, long-term need for assistance in rebuilding and restarting lives after such widespread devastation.

We have therefore decided to focus our help on this part and are in the process of assisting with a home rebuilding project in cooperation with the church’s international charity and long-term World Relief Fund partner, NAK karitativ, as well as the New Apostolic Church Canada. More information and updates will be made available in the next months!


Written by Tuesday, March 01 2016

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Christ did not minister from heaven, or from Nazareth. Instead, He came close to people. He spoke to them. He touched them. He washed them. He wept with them. He got into the messiness of life and brought renewal.

The Humanitarian program of the Re Charitable Ministry provides participants with the opportunity to do ministry like Christ – face to face. It allows people to be present, to interact, to respond to Christ’s call to “go out into all the world.”

Often, after such journeys participants return transformed, renewed, and with a passion to continue to make a difference in their communities.

If you are interested in our upcoming trips, please check out our Facebook page or email

Our History

Written by Tuesday, March 01 2016

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re Charitable Ministry is the next evolutionary step in the humanitarian work of the New Apostolic Church USA. Our new entity reflects the tradition of the past and our vision for the future.

In the face of the devastation left by Katrina members of the New Apostolic Church were moved to help the victims. Within days the Church deployed volunteer teams to assist with clean-up, reconstruction and general support services in Slidell, LA. Over weeks, teams rotated in and out of the region to continue their work. Inspired by these events, New Apostolic Church USA created a formal entity, the NAC USA World Relief Fund. This entity was tasked with coordinating and implementing the Church’s response in such situations.

Over the next years, the WRF conducted numerous projects of its own and partnered with a variety of local and international charities (for a description of some of the projects, click here). When working within its own region, the WRF used existing church infrastructure to reduce overhead. For relief projects outside its own region the WRF partnered with selected international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) around the world, in particular NAK Karitativ.

Shortly after its five year anniversary, a broader review of and discussion about the WRF’s mission and future began. Inspired by the church’s Vision and Mission a sense of a broader Christian-humanitarian calling and responsibility started to take shape. In living like Christ, we strive to love our neighbors as He taught us. This cannot and should not be limited to disaster events only. And yet, as a small charity, the question of how to follow this calling is not an easy one to answer.

Defining the future strategy of the church’s humanitarian activities brought two more complementing areas of activity into focus. While continuing its Disaster Relief activities, an ongoing Humanitarian Program is intended to build long-term relationships and make lasting, communal changes in areas of need. At the same time, a separate Grassroots Program has the objective to inspire and – where already existing – strengthen and support activities of our members and churches to express the love of Christ in local communities.

Together, all three strategic focus areas form the re Charitable Ministry.

re Charitable Ministry

Written by Wednesday, September 07 2011

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re Charitable Ministry is the next evolutionary step in the humanitarian work of the New Apostolic Church USA. Our new entity reflects the tradition of the past and our vision for the future. 

People are moved by the devastation caused by wars, the suffering caused by disease, the pain of poverty, and the catastrophe left in the wake of natural disasters. But what is the Christian response to such things? A simple prayer? Compassion without action? A financial gift?

We desire to turn the call of Jesus to love our neighbors into real world service. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of how to serve people. From His example we commit to:

Recognize: We recognize that every person is created in the image of God. Because of this realization we recognize the need to create a relationship with the people we serve in order to determine their need and work to serve them effectively.

Respond: Jesus came to “proclaim good news…bind up the brokenhearted…proclaim freedom…and comfort all who mourn.” (Isaiah 61:1-3) We respond to His call to serve in the same way.

Relieve and Restore: We strive to relieve people’s physical needs and work to restore and strengthen people spiritually.

Renew: As we work to relieve and restore people, the result is a reciprocal faith, hope and feeling of excitement. This work brings us to new perspectives and a renewed relationship with Christ.

To learn more, please click on the menus to the right to explore our history, our 3 focus areas, or to donate. For the most current information, please check out our Facebook page and "Like" us to receive updates. 

Individual Grants (USA)

Written by Friday, August 26 2011


Over the past years, the local New Apostolic Church near Lancaster, Pennsylvania had developed a relationship with the Amish community in the area, resulting in joint events and fellowships between the groups. The horrifying events of the school house shooting of October 2, 2006 in Paradise, PA shocked the nation. In special recognition of the bond between the local New Apostolic Church community and the Amish people, the WRF made a contribution to the Nickel Mine’s Children Fund which assisted the victims and their families in this tragedy.

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