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Our Lord is coming! | September 25


“O LORD God of hosts, who is mighty like You, O LORD?  Your faithfulness also surrounds You.”
Psalm 89: 8  NKJV

The psalmist proclaims an expression of adoration of our God’s greatness. Don’t we feel the same way when we read this and allow it to have its impact upon our souls? It simply does us good. This is something that helps us align our lives with the eternal, and thereby makes us thankful. How great and good, how all encompassing and almighty is our God!

How faithful is the Lord! No matter from what perspective we look at the Lord, we will always recognize the magnificent, all-encompassing faithfulness of God. We must certainly recognize that the offer of salvation emanating from the Son of God is something by which the Lord will stand. It will not suddenly end. We will not find that “Oh, as of today the door of grace is closed.” No—the Lord keeps it open today. He is faithful and stands by His promise.

Let us also remain faithful in waiting for the Lord. Our Lord is coming! Would we want to give this up? Would we want to become negligent here? No! Let us remain faithful in the expectation that our Lord is coming! We know that the Lord will come and keep His promise. His faithfulness is beyond question. How faithful are we? Let us wait, each day anew, for the Lord to fulfill His promise and take us unto Himself. Let us also be thankful that His promise will never fail.


Read Psalm 89: 1-29.  These verses radiate thanksgiving and praise.  Do we show such praise and worship in our lives?