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Hear and do | October 2


“Therefore you shall keep every commandment which I command you today, that you may be strong, and go in and possess the land which you cross over to possess…”
Deuteronomy 11: 8  NKJV

Moses was concerned about preparing the people for their entry into the Promised Land. What must we do to reach this goal? We are striving to be worthy to be accepted on the day of Christ’s return. That is our goal—nothing less. Since we do not know exactly when the Lord is coming, we must be prepared every day, every moment.

What must we do to this end? We must do exactly the same thing that was required of the people in Moses’ time. Moses gave the advice: “Therefore you shall keep every commandment.” In other words, the people were to obey all that which had been laid down by God. The divine will was to be heeded. Is it any different today? No! It is still necessary to hear, and then do the will of God.  If we do this, we will become strong. Then we will also be able to enter into the “promised land” when the Lord comes. Our battle will be over, and we will be united with Him for all eternity.


Am I consciously trying every day to both hear and do the God’s will? Is there something I am ignoring that He has asked me to do?