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The gentle touch of our prayers | November 6


“…when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken.”
Acts 4: 31  NKJV

Prayer always produces movement. It sets things into motion, even if we do not immediately see this. May this also be the case today, that our prayers set things into motion in the beyond. Perhaps there are those there who are imprisoned by their own opinions and thoughts, just as it is here on earth. Our prayers can be enough to gently shake them free of these constraints and allow them to embrace the Lord’s teachings.

There will surely be many there who wait for the gentle touch of our prayers. After all, our prayers can bring about such infinitely great things with their far-reaching power. If we truly wish to generate a gentle touch, and if this is sincerely the desire of our hearts, then may the Lord grant grace that our wish succeeds. May many souls feel secure and at ease here and be shown the way to Christ!


How can our prayers have a gentle touch?  In what ways can we empathize with those in eternity so that our prayers are more effective?