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Do not turn away | November 13


“Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God…”
Hebrews 3: 12  NKJV

It sounds very drastic to speak of departing from God. However, the departure is a final result; the process begins when somewhere in the heart little thoughts creep in that cause us to turn away, even just slightly, from God. These thoughts can accumulate and ultimately lead to one’s forsaking Him. To guard against this, we must see to it that little occurrences do not cause us to turn away.

Esau rejected God and His blessing when he traded his birthright for lentil soup. At times we only see what is advantageous to us in the moment and lose sight of what is divine and enduring. King Saul turned away from the living God when he chose to be disobedient—let us always obey God’s word. Some of Jesus’ disciples became annoyed and left when He spoke words to them that they did not understand. Sometimes annoyance, disappointment, or misunderstanding arises; however, forsaking the living God and turning away in annoyance does not help anyone! We must remain with the Lord, not only on our own, but also by coming into His house to receive His word and Sacraments.

Abandoning one’s faith is a final stage; it is the last line of development. Let us therefore see to it that we keep our hearts pure.


Am I on guard against the little things that can work to turn me away from God? Is there anything negative that has already taken root in my heart?