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Thankful | November 27


“…to thank, and to praise the Lord…”
1 Chronicles 16: 4  NKJV

We thank the Lord from the bottom of our hearts for all that He has provided us in the natural. None of us could survive if the Lord were to take His protecting hand from us for even a moment. Everything that grows in the fields, everything that serves to sustain us physically comes from the Lord. Even the very air that we breathe. Let us not take it for granted that all this is at our disposal. Since we realize that it is God who provides everything, let us be thankful.

We are also thankful for the spiritual gifts such as peace and joy in our soul. We can be thankful for the fellowship of which we are part, for our faith, and our great goal. Our goal is the return of Christ, the day of the Lord. Let us be thankful that we have such a wonderful future.

Psalm 57:9  says,  “I will praise You, O Lord, among the peoples.” This is something we must want.  God does not force anyone to praise Him, but we want to! When you thank and praise the Lord you think of all the good He has done.


Take a moment and look back.

Take a moment and look at the present.  

Take a moment and look at the future.

…and in all things, give thanks. (Thessalonians 5:18)

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