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Rejoicing over His gifts | December 4


“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.”
Psalm 126: 3  NKJV

This passage refers to the children of Israel who had come back to Jerusalem from their captivity in Babylon after the Lord had intervened. It had been a miracle. They probably could barely fathom or believe it, and yet it had become reality. That is why they were able to rejoice and speak the words: “The Lord has done great things for us.”

We should also be joyful! Children of God should be recognized by divine joy.  There must be joy in the congregations as well as in every heart. Some might say: “How am I supposed to be joyful? I live in such modest circumstances; I feel so sick; I have this and the other burden to bear …” The key to joy lies here in the passage: “The Lord has done great things for us.” If we truly recognize the Lord’s presence in our lives, if we have experienced Him, if we feel how He works and holds everything in His hand, then we can truly be happy and joyful.

What great things has the Lord done for us? First of all, we have become children of God! In addition, we can hear His word and can absorb His will in every divine service. We also have our sins forgiven and celebrate Holy Communion in each service, thus entering into the most intimate fellowship with Jesus Christ. Can we not rejoice over this? The Lord will also do great things for us in the future. He will take His own unto Himself as He has promised. Let us rejoice!


What is the difference between joy and happiness?  Do I find true joy in what God has done for me?  Or do I lose it quickly, depending on my circumstances?

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