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Keep the goal of our faith in sight! | December 18


“But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct.”
1 Peter 1: 15  NKJV

There are actually two important statements here: The Lord has called us, and we should be holy in our conduct. For what purpose have we been called? It is to be a blessing to others. Can those around us notice that we are filled with peace? We should carry in our hearts the willingness to help others find the inner riches we enjoy. That is our purpose in the present, to live as true children of God. To inherit His glory and dwell with Him one day—that is our future calling.

Being holy does not mean that we are without sin. It means always looking to the Lord and aligning our lives in accordance with His will. We don’t always succeed, but God sees our striving. Always seek the connection with the Lord, overcome temptations by looking up to Him, lay everything into His hand, and be prepared to forgive. Here are the two tasks: Remember our calling to be a blessing to others, and strive fervently to have a holy walk of life.


The outward appearance plays no role with God … He looks into the heart. If we strive for a holy walk of life, He will see it.

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