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Bubbling with divine life | January 9


“The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”
2 Corinthians 3: 6  NKJV

The word “letter” is a reference to the law which had been given to mankind through Moses. No one is in a position to keep all the commandments—only the Son of God was able to remain without sin. Everyone else has transgressed the commandments at some point, which can only lead to eternal death. However, the Spirit brings divine life into our hearts and prompts us to act accordingly. Divine life must be felt! Those who are filled with the Spirit of God desire to be active and helpful in the congregation, which includes many age groups, young and old.  What can we all do? Everyone can pray and gladly testify of his or her faith. If the divine life dwells in our hearts, we will make the endeavor to testify to others and to profess what the Lord has done for us!

The Spirit gives life, beloved! This must become a prompting of our hearts. If everyone is alive in such fashion, being active in prayer, fellowship and bringing testimony, then this will create a lively congregation. Imagine what that will produce—a praying congregation in which everyone helps! When Apostle Peter had been taken captive, the congregation prayed for him without ceasing. And what happened? A miracle! The Apostle was led out of prison by an angel, and not even the prison walls were able to hold him (cf. Acts 12: 5 -17). A praying congregation can move heaven and earth. Let us remain active in this!


Write down the names of 3 people you know that are going through difficult circumstances and pray for them every day this week.
Read over the Vision Statement of the New Apostolic Church, focusing on the first line and think of ways that you can make this an attribute of your congregation.