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A friend in Jesus | March 19


“You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.”

John 15:14  NKJV

Everyone wants to have a good friend, someone to share joy and sorrow, someone to turn to for help and support. A good friend is always available when needed.

Jesus Christ wants to be that friend! He helps in every situation. He is always near us through His Holy Spirit. Above all, He wants to share eternity with us. But friendships work both ways. What does Christ ask of our friendship? He wants us to live as He did.

How did the Lord Jesus live? He:

• could be found in His Father’s house, even at twelve years old (Luke 2:49)

• rejected temptation and never obeyed the devil (Matthew 4: 1-11)

• fostered a close connection with His Heavenly Father through prayer

• was willing to reconcile and forgive

• always chose to do the will of His Father—“Not as I will, but as You will!” (Luke 22:42 )

If we live as Jesus Christ lived, we will find a faithful friend in Him.



How strong is my friendship with Christ? Which one of these areas is the hardest for me and what can I do this week to grow stronger there?

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