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Strength and comfort in God’s touch | March 26


“Then again, the one having the likeness of a man touched me and strengthened me. And he said, ‘O man greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you; be strong, yes be strong!’”

Daniel 10:18-19  (excerpt) NKJV

In this passage, Daniel had been doubting his worth and his abilities. An amazing experience occurred for Daniel then - to see and be touched by an angel of God.

When we are touched by the Lord, we can also receive divine comfort as Daniel did. How magnificent to be called “greatly beloved,” to receive divine peace and to look to the future without fear.

It is up to us to receive Him in this way as He reaches out His hand to us through His word, in the fellowship of His children and in the celebration of Holy Communion.



Have my times with the Lord become mundane?

I am looking to experience His touch each time I partake in Holy Communion.