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Increase in Jesus, increase in joy | May 21


“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

John 3:30  NKJV

What can be better for us than for Jesus to increase in our lives? Our love toward Him and our hope for His return grows stronger; our ability to overcome sin, increases. Our love for one another will grow as well as our willingness to help each other. We will also increase in our willingness to reconcile.

For this increase to happen, the Holy Spirit needs room in us to allow Jesus’ nature to grow. To encourage this positive growth, we can weed out our own ego, self-love and the striving for our own credit and benefit.

With Jesus in control of our lives, we can be a testimony of His love and glory.



What a blissful way to live—with Jesus leading my actions and setting the tone in my everyday life. Am I giving Him room to do this?

If not…what am I waiting for?

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