New Apostolic Church USA

No other gods | Week of December 3

Exodus 20: 3 NKJV

You shall have no other gods before Me.

We can think: “I have not killed anybody! I have not stolen anything. So where is my sin?”

Be careful and consider the first commandment. God said: “I am the Lord your God; have no other gods before Me.” How often have we not kept this commandment?

At times we are interested in natural possessions more than our spiritual well-being. At those moments we make something else our god and He is no longer the only God in our life.

For some people, money is the god. For others, certain natural goals can be a god. Where these are greater than God, sin is present.

Bow before our heavenly Father. Accept His grace and promise Him you will avoid this sin in the future. He will bless you and give strength.


In all that I have and do, I will ensure that God is greater!

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