New Apostolic Church USA

Set your heart on things above | Week of April 24th

Colossians 3:1, If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.

From the sermon series: Eastertide

In the book of Colossians, Apostle Paul is writing to the church in Colossae. In this particular passage, He is warning them not to align their lives to false teachings and earthly things, but rather to align their lives to that which is divine and is concerned with Christ.

We also can heed Paul’s words. It can be easy to attach too much importance to earthly things, and while there are things on this earth that are important, nothing takes the place of Christ. He loves us more than we can imagine, He died so that we may be spared from the weight of our sins, and He gives us the opportunity for new life. If we truly want to follow Him and find eternal life, then He must be at the center of all that we do.

Reflect on how Christ’s presence in your life has transformed you. What can you do to focus your life on that which is Godly and eternal? How can Christ’s presence help you accomplish this?

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