New Apostolic Church USA

God’s presence | Week of January 13

Mark 1:22, And they were astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

From the sermon series: Fellowship with Jesus Christ

This portion of Mark 1 describes Jesus telling four fishermen to follow Him. Choosing to become His disciples, they follow Him and go with Him to Capernaum, where He teaches in the synagogue.

Those in the synagogue recognized something in Jesus when He taught – He displayed an authority that the scribes did not have. Jesus had authority because His whole life was dedicated to His Father’s will; He practiced what He preached. His words and works were always consistent with the gospel. And, He not only knew the Scriptures, He “owned them” in a very personal way because they testified of Him and He was committed to fulfilling them. We too can cultivate a strong personal inner conviction based upon our love for Jesus Christ, our appreciation for the grace of God that He allows in our lives, and our understanding of our calling and purpose within the body of Christ. We can also know the gospel, not as scholars, but as those who understand its relevance and apply it to our lives continually.

Journal Prompt: Think of someone you know who has inner authority. How do they demonstrate this authority?

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