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The time of the law, the time of grace| Week of February 3

John 1:17, For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

From the sermon series: The law of Christ

John starts his Gospel differently than the other Gospels by going back to the beginning of creation. His intent is to show that Jesus Christ was there at the creation because He is God.

John refers to Jesus as the Word. When the Word became flesh, then we beheld the glory of God, and Jesus Christ, the Word, was full of grace and truth (John 1:14). As God incarnate on earth, Jesus reflected His Father’s nature. Humans were able to see the glory of God and experience His grace and truth through Jesus Christ. Just as the Mosaic Law helped the Israelites to understand God’s will, the teachings and gospel of Christ help us to understand the truth about God and align ourselves to His will. And when we fall short, His grace covers us unconditionally.

Journal Prompt: How have you experienced God’s grace in a specific moment of your life?

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