New Apostolic Church USA

Filled with the Holy Spirit | Week of May 18

Numbers 11:29, Oh, that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put His Spirit upon them!

From the sermon series: Expectation of the Spirit

In this chapter of Numbers, the Israelites were complaining to Moses and pleading to be given food to eat besides manna, recalling all they could eat when they were slaves in Egypt. Moses turns to God, wondering how he alone was supposed to bear the burdens of all these people. In response, God tells Moses to gather seventy men into whom He will put His Spirit, so that they may also help to carry the burdens of the people.

In this experience, we see the power of God. Not only through the sending of His Spirit to the seventy men, but also in His provision of meat to the Israelites. In this demonstration of generosity and care, we also find a note of caution. God was angry with the people because they despised the Lord for only providing manna. So when He did send birds for them to hunt, gather, and eat, those who gave into their desires were struck with plague. Through this story, let us recognize that God’s will is above our own. And though we may have earthly desires, we want to remember that His plans for us are good, and our true desire is to be in eternal fellowship with Him.

Journal Prompt: Why is it important to remember that God’s will is more important than our own?

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