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Do not take anything that does not belong to you! | Week of July 27

Exodus 20:15, You shall not steal.

From the sermon series: Ten into Two

The seventh commandment, You shall not steal, is one of seven of the Ten Commandments that deal with how we are to treat others.

Ultimately, these commandments that are related to the treatment of our neighbor lead us to fulfill the greatest commandment of all, to love our neighbor, as taught by Jesus Christ. So when we read the words, You shall not steal, we can focus on how this relates to our neighbor. Of course, we should not take another’s property (whether physical, intellectual, etc.), but let’s go further than this. We should not steal from anyone because it shows our disregard for them. Stealing indicates that we place our own needs above our neighbor’s, which is a form of selfishness. And perhaps it shows that we do not appreciate what God has chosen to provide for us in life. If we truly want to live as disciples of Christ, we must always be working to edify others, to love them and build them up. It is with these types of actions that we glorify God.

Journal Prompt: Read the list of commandments in Exodus 20:1-17. How do these commands lead us to love God and our neighbor above all else?

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