New Apostolic Church USA

Your kingdom come. | Week of September 14

Matthew 6:10, Your kingdom come.

From the sermon series: When you pray…

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches His disciples to pray for the kingdom of God to come.

The kingdom of God is both coming and now is. There are a few verses in the Gospels that show that when Christ lives within us, God’s kingdom is near to us (Luke 10:9, Luke 17:21). This may make it seem that for God’s kingdom to be fully realized, we can be rather passive and just pray for it to happen. However, that is not the case. As disciples of Christ, we work to follow the commands of God – to love Him and our neighbor. Through our actions, our serving, our obedience to His will and calling for our lives, we can already today be a prefiguration of His kingdom as we wait for His plan of salvation to be fulfilled.

Journal Prompt: In what ways do you feel that the kingdom of God is near when you are with your congregation?

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