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"The secrets of a feel-good congregation" - Divine Service from Community 2018 Edition 2

Psalm 122:1, I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go into the house of the Lord."

Chief Apostle Schneider explained that there is a task associated with this verse: “All New Apostolic Christians are jointly responsible that everybody comes into the house of the Lord gladly.”

  • It is the house of the Lord, and this is something you have to be able to feel and experience: Jesus Christ has the final say here; His law applies here; He is the Master.
  • It must not happen that some do everything in a congregation and the others are only “customers”, who show up when they need something. Let us all experience the joy that lies in mutual service.
  • You can be a peacemaker. You can help in building peace and in preserving it. Everybody can do that. Every child of God has received this gift: you do not always have to say what you think; and you do not always have to be in the right.
  • So that we may come into the house of the Lord gladly, a certain number of things are required, and for that we also need money. Here too, let us put our gifts into the service of God and the congregation.
  • If everybody does what they want and uses their gifts on a whim, there will be chaos. An amount of organisation is necessary. We also need the Church leadership: globally, in the district, in the congregation. – It is not that simple, but we are doing our best to make it work.

Many are of the opinion that everybody should be able to find everything according to his or her own liking in their home congregation. “But that is absolutely impossible,” the Chief Apostle said. “And why? Simply because we are human and therefore all different,” he explained. His definition: “A congregation in which members feel good is one in which everybody comes to seek Jesus Christ—and finds Him.”

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